Fix "Set scan parameters failed: Input/output error" on Ubuntu 16.04

This error appears when you try scan bluetooth low energy devices with hcitool lescan.
The major blogs give similars solutions like:

hciconfig hci0 down
hciconfig hci0 up


service bluetooth restart


sudo hciconfig hci0 reset

but none gave me a solution...
The last bluez version (at this moment) available for Ubuntu 16.04 is version 5.37.
To solve this problem you must install the last version available from the bluez web page (version 5.41).

tar xvf bluez-5.41.tar.xz
sudo apt-get install libudev-dev libical-dev libreadline6-dev libdbus-1-dev libglib2.0-dev
sudo make install

sudo hcitool lescan      

LE Scan ...

Enjoy it!


  1. Hello,

    Thank you for this post, the install of Bluez 5.41 was successful. However, I think Ubuntu is still using the old version. Do you know how I can set the default version for BlueZ to be 5.41? Should I simply uninstall Bluez 5.37 using the command:

    $: sudo apt-get remove bluez

    thank you for you help

    1. look your bluez version with "hcitool | grep ver | awk '{print $6}'"
      you can remove the previous version with "sudo apt-get remove bluez"
      You are welcome


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